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We have carried our “giving more” and “every client is precious” for the past 7 years. Vihayana Creative Communication has helped multinational companies, start-ups, book publishers, government offices, domestic and international organizations, and individuals to communicate with their clients, readers, and financiers with cross-languange and culture communication. We are based in Malang, Indonesia. We provide you with the best, most professional, and most creative individuals for each and every service we have at our disposal!

Creative Media

A number of companies have attested our skills in composing storybooks or comic books, which in turns, utilized in their merchandises, creative marketing media or the selling gimmicks of the actual products. If you're a company looking for a way to excel above your competitors, attract more clients, or boost your profits using creative and marketing media, working with Vihayana means you're in good hands.

Copywritings & Advertisement Translations

Contents, when skillfully crafted and composed, can attract people to products or services, resulting in a greater chance of conversion. Besides, a product with brilliant content will etch its name on people’s memory, eventually giving you return of investments. However, the momentum of a brilliant and persuasive content often diminishes when translated into another language. Supported by a team of professional translators and copywriters, Vihayana is committed to prevent content value-loss.

Graphics Publishing

Beside copywriting and translating, Vihayana also offers typography designing to go along with your brilliant contents. With highly skilled and creative graphic designers with access to various software, we're ready to help you craft designs in many different file formats. Your creative ideas are guaranteed to be charming in both content and design departments. Vihayana will ensure your business value is delivered elegantly and creatively to your target audience.

Document Translations

We have been providing premium quality document translations, especially in English and Bahasa Indonesia since 2008. We will also gladly provide competent translators for other languages. It is all about your need. We are experienced in translating web contents, legal agreements, financial reports, ethic guidelines, press releases, Human Resources Department materials, content marketing and tourism, software localization, manual guides, and many more.

Testimonials (These are the testimonials of our valuable clients in regards to our services.)

Whether your company is looking to grasp the international market or looking to strengthen your stance in the global competition, Vihayana Creative Communication will always be here to help you in achieving your goals with our creative solution highly adjustable to your needs and budgets.

Here are what we offer specially for you:

  • Document Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Creative Content and Advertising Translation
  • Books Translation
  • Creative Writing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Creative Media development (comic books, animation and storybooks) for educational and marketing purpose

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Contact us to get details of our services and our special promo prices for you:

Email: info@vihayana.com

Phone/WhatsApp: +62 81-230-929-961 or +62 81-803-001-987

Skype: Selviya_Hanna

Document Translation Service

Vihayana has been providing a quality document translation or oral interpretation services since 2008, be it sworn or unsworn, mainly in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Though we will gladly provide you with top-of-the-class translation for various pair of languages at your request. Our recruitment team has gathered and is still gathering the most competent personalities for various languages translation to fulfill your needs.

On the field of oral interpretation, we offer three different approach in interpreting:

  1. Consecutive Interpretation
  2. Simultaneous Interpretation
  3. Telephone Interpretation


While in the grasp of document translation, we are greatly experienced in multiple types of text translation, some of them are:


  • Education

Books, articles, teaching-learning activity subjects, and Corporate Science Responsibility (CSR).

  • Business and Marketing

i.e Company profile, web content, video voice-over, brochure, advertising, offer letter, proposal, and product labels.

  • Human Resources Development

i.e Internal magazines, behavior guidelines, office ethics guidelines,  and corporate education and training materials.

  • Finance

i.e Prospectus, Financial report or financial statement, and annual reports.

  • Legal

i.e Private documents, business agreements, contracts, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), tax letters, basic and household allowance.

  • Information and Technology

i.e Localization of software, hard wares, apps, games and product manuals.

  • Media Creative

i.e Comic books, magazines, video narration, voice-over, storybooks, animation, subtitles.

  • Market Survey

i.e Questionnaires, customer forms, group discussions

And many other services, all you need to do is ask for it.

Contact us at info@vihayana.com and attach a sample of the document you want to translate. Our team will get back to you with the quote and special offers.


Creative Writing and Translation Service

Vihayana English Translation ServiceIn this digital era, the words that we write down need to have a considerable impact towards our readers. Social media and online marketing are now stronger than ever in gaining conversion and revenue for either giant companies or startups, regardless of what they have to offer.

A properly written content can trigger public hype to buy your product or service, sticking your brand image to their memories which will eventually lead to a skyrocketing revenue.

Unfortunately, a brilliant content often loses its business and marketing value upon translation to another language. It is either the translators cannot properly understand and re-state the content, or they try to stick with the grammar and structures of the content’s source language without considering whether the outcome would be acceptable enough in the target language. Inevitably some, or even worse, all of the content’s persuasiveness disappear.

Vihayana exists so that disaster in translation do not happen. Our professional translator team masters both Bahasa Indonesia and English and is highly skilled in content writing. In the hands of our translators, your promotional content will not lose one bit of its marketing value during the translation process.

Once you have come to contact with us, be it through email or other lines, our team will look at your sample document that you want to be translated. We will then get back to you with the quote and special offers, if there is any.

Media Creative Service

Vihayana creative writing serviceWith our partner in strategical creative media, Sasakala Studio, we will create educational and marketing media beyond your imagination. We have produced a great number of storybooks and educative comic books for teenagers and children. Our works have been published by the top publishers both in domestic or international level.

We have also gained the trust of multiple companies to hire our services in creating storybooks, comic books, and merchandise as their creative marketing media,

Do you want your company to stand out from your competitors and get more revenue out of it? Vihayana Creative Communication will build a highway for you to achieve that goal.

Contact us at info@vihayana.com and attach a brief description of your project. We will get back to you with the quote.




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