Pricing & Payment
Vihayana Creative Communication

Transparent Pricing with Simple Proceduresvihayana payment#2

Hiring our high-quality services is as easy as pie.

It is our concern that you get the best quality service without any hassle. And in order to put a precise and fair pricing, we have an adjustable pricing system for each of the service we offer you.


You can reach us through one of the following contacts:


Phone/WhatsApp: +62 81-230-929-961, +62 81-803-001-987

Skype: Selviya_Hanna


We will require your sample document for translation services, and a project brief for media creation services. We will always get back to you within 24-hour period on workdays with our offer and/or quote made accordingly to the difficulty of the project(s).


We will also include a special promo offer available at the time being to ensure you get the best offer from us.


Note: you will only receive these AFTER you reach us through one of the contacts listed above.


Express Services without Additional Charges

We do not charge extra for any documents that need to be translated within 24-hour period. However, additional charges may apply if you want your document(s) to be translated in weekend and/or holidays.


Secure Payment Methods

We accept various payment methods, which security for both sides is guaranteed:

  • Direct Transfer to our BCA account
  • Paypal
  • Skrill/Moneybooker

Vihayana payment

For Vihayana’s new clients with project(s) requiring more than 24 hours of work time, payment will have to be done in two steps:

-50% of the estimated total price paid before we work on your project(s).

-50% after we finish working on your project(s) and client receive the result.