Delivering Premium English-Indonesian Translations & Creative Media to Help Your Business Grow!
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Facilitating Changes and Goodness

We have carried our “giving more” and “every client is precious” for the past 7 years. Vihayana Creative Communication has helped multinational companies, start-ups, book publishers, government offices, domestic and international organizations, and individuals to communicate with their clients, readers, and financiers with cross-languange and culture communication. We are based in Malang, Indonesia. We provide you with the best, most professional, and most creative individuals for each and every service we have at our disposal!

Creative Media

A number of companies have attested our skills in composing storybooks or comic books, which in turns, utilized in their merchandises, creative marketing media or the selling gimmicks of the actual products. If you're a company looking for a way to excel above your competitors, attract more clients, or boost your profits using creative and marketing media, working with Vihayana means you're in good hands.

Copywritings & Advertisement Translations

Contents, when skillfully crafted and composed, can attract people to products or services, resulting in a greater chance of conversion. Besides, a product with brilliant content will etch its name on people’s memory, eventually giving you return of investments. However, the momentum of a brilliant and persuasive content often diminishes when translated into another language. Supported by a team of professional translators and copywriters, Vihayana is committed to prevent content value-loss.

Graphics Publishing

Beside copywriting and translating, Vihayana also offers typography designing to go along with your brilliant contents. With highly skilled and creative graphic designers with access to various software, we're ready to help you craft designs in many different file formats. Your creative ideas are guaranteed to be charming in both content and design departments. Vihayana will ensure your business value is delivered elegantly and creatively to your target audience.

Document Translations

We have been providing premium quality document translations, especially in English and Bahasa Indonesia since 2008. We will also gladly provide competent translators for other languages. It is all about your need. We are experienced in translating web contents, legal agreements, financial reports, ethic guidelines, press releases, Human Resources Department materials, content marketing and tourism, software localization, manual guides, and many more.


For years, we\'ve proudly helped our clients & brands to make the society a better place through communication. These are the portfolios of our past works. Please contact to get more information.


Transcreation & Localization.

Client: EMK Beverly Hills | Project Details: Translation of pamphletes, newsletters, press releases, website content (in progress) | Language Pairs: English-Indonesian

Illustrations for stock and investment

Illustrations for stock and investment website

Client: | Project detail: cartoon illustration of quotes on stock and investment

vihayana comic alkitab

Biblical Comic

Client: Educartoon | Project Detail: turning biblical stories into attractive comic

Production of Two Volumes of Children Storybook Entitled “From East to East”

Client: World Vision Indonesia | Project Detail: Editing, Illustrating, and Layouting


Production of Culutral Magazine entitled “Pakima Hani Hano”

Client: W V I | Project Detail: Editing, Illustrating, and Layouting


Translation of a Book on Franchising

Client: YongKurniawan | Language Pairs: Indonesian-English


Translation of Annual Report of PGN & Saka Energi (2014)

Client: DNA Komunika | Language Pairs: English-Indonesian, Indonesian- English


Translation of Collaboration Agreement with Adobe Photoshop

Client: Papercaptain Studio | Language pairs: English-Indonesian


Translation of Christian Articles and Books

Client: Amanat Agung Church| Language Pairs: English-Indonesian


Translation of Scholarship Agreements

Client: Petra Christian University | Language Pairs: English-Indonesian


Translation of Apartment Leasing Agreement

Client: Pelita Harapan University | Language Pairs: Indonesian-English


Translation of Tourism Articles

Client: National Geographic Traveler Indonesia | Language Pairs: Indonesian-English

Vihayana - Nat Geo
Vihayana - Paper Captain
Vihayana - Wiki How
Vihayana - UPH
Vihayana - Petra
Vihayana -DNA
Vihayana WVI
vihayana dishub

These are the testimonials of our valuable clients in regards to our services.


“Right now, Selviya is the main freelance translator of National Geographic Traveler Magazine – Indonesia. She has also translated several features on Paul Salopek’s journey (Out of Eden) for National Geographic Indonesia’s website. As you may know, National Geographic Traveler – Indonesia takes great pride in its international reputation and top-notch content quality. Therefore, our translators are bound to meet the standard, and Selviya exceeds our expectation most of the times! In translating our articles, she always chooses the words (diction) and the idioms creatively and wisely. Her language sensitivity is remarkable and she never fails to convey the mood and the tone of the original writer when she translates into Indonesian language. In addition, Selviya is respectful of deadlines. She fully understands that National Geographic Magazine Indonesia is a media company with strict deadlines and time management. She has a pleasant personality as well."

(Firman Firdaus (Editor of National Geographic Indonesia))

“I have gladly used Selviya’s language expertise to translate a photography essay on funeral ceremony in Toraja (collaborating with a photographer). Her translation was so good that I recommended her services to the procurement section of Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership. She is also capable of communicating the message and information accurately to our readers. Her diction is exceptionally rich and the transition from one sentence to another flow smoothly and is pleasing to read. When we were working together, Selviya was communicative and provided us with valuable insights. She never had a problem with the deadline because she always delivered on time. On the top of that, Selviya is an excellent English-Indonesian linguist and has been a pleasure to work with. She is always my first choice should I need translation services from English to Indonesian language or vice versa.”

(Stella Pongsitanan (Public Affairs Section of US Embassy in Indonesia))

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